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First of all, I LOVE Pizza... a sunday evening is only perfect with (at least) one fresh pizza on my lap. But pizza is much more than this: It's international and multicultural, you can top your dough with literally everything you like and it's still pizza. You can share it with your friends or enjoy it yourself. It's omnipresent in popculture... EVERYONE loves pizza.

Because there hasn't been a pizza themed shirt label until 2014, I simply had to make it my leitmotif. As a designer it's much easier to create new designs and find inspiration if you have a clear and tasty concept. And yet it gives me enough freedom to create whatever I want.

Pizza Limited Editions


It all started as a side project in december 2014. I worked on the first four artworks for a few weeks, then created a small batch of shirts, printed by the passionate people of Black Ink Press in Berlin and created 64 limited edition packs with shirts in pizza boxes, each one topped with 4 limited edition art prints. From the lovely support of good friends, my wife and even international customers from around the world I suddenly had enough money to create new shirts. And so it goes on :)

Today the palette of goodies has grown to prints, pins, hoodies etc... and it's still growing.

n Pizza We Crust Scribble


Hi, my name is Jan von Hand, and I'm a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, living near Rosenheim / Germany with my awesome supporting wife and our two cats (on of them is able to high-five). Driven by an endless thirst for creativity, I try to spend as much time with a pencil in my hand as I can, to scribble new ideas and work on new products, illustrations for prints.

Jan von Hand
© Photo by Arnd Drifte


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Pizza Booth

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